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America in the World Consortium

Johns Hopkins SAIS has partnered with Duke University and the University of Texas-Austin to launch the America in the World Consortium (AWC). The Consortium aims to prepare the next generation to confront geopolitical challenges and understand American national interests abroad, and participate in the debate about the United States' role in the world. The Merrill Center and the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at Johns Hopkins SAIS conduct activities supported by the AWC at the undergraduate, MA, and PhD levels of education.  

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National Security Scholars & Practitioners Program (NSSPP)

The NSSPP gathers 25-30 individuals in the mid-stage of their careers for a weeklong workshop on the future of war, exploring U.S. competitive advantages and disadvantages, large questions about the changing nature of conflict, and possible implications for the United States, including strategy, doctrine, and force structure. The workshop participants also conduct an alternative scenario exercise to better understand the range of possible future security environments in which the United States may operate.


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Staff Rides

The Merrill Center supports two domestic staff rides and one international staff ride per year for Johns Hopkins SAIS Strategic Studies students. Staff rides are on-the-ground studies of military campaigns or larger conflicts. The staff ride is a practice developed by the Prussian General Staff in the 19th century as a means of educating military officers. The practice was brought to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in 1906, and has been used as an educational tool by the U.S. military and other organizations dedicated to the teaching of strategy ever since.

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Strategy in the Asia-Pacific

Strategy in the Asia-Pacific is a weeklong training workshop for mid-career professionals in the national security and defense community, both civilian practitioners and members of the military. It is a graduate-level educational opportunity for those who seek an immersive education in Asia and strategy. 


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Summer Study

The Summer Study is a weeklong workshop that gathers new and experienced practitioners, emerging scholars, and current and former government leaders to explore strategies for the United States to compete with China over the next several decades.


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