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The Philip Merrill Center develops educational materials that provide opportunities for university and professional teachers to develop skills in strategic studies.

To fulfill a need for solid instructional materials in the field, the Philip Merrill Center produces a variety of case studies, simulations and exercises, and film guides, accompanied by detailed teaching notes. These resources for university and professional teachers are produced both by center personnel and in coordination with faculty members from other universities.


To inquire about or purchase instructional materials, please contact us.

Case Studies


Case instruction offers students an opportunity to develop analytic, decision-making, and discussion skills to a much greater extent than is possible in other teaching formats. CSE case studies include appendices (for example, chronologies, biographical sketches, photographs, and documents), as well as extensive teaching notes.

A Firm and Commensurate Response:  U.S. Retaliation for the Bush Assassination Attempt
Dr. Andrew J. Bacevich, Boston University


Generals Versus the President
Dr. Andrew J. Bacevich, Boston University


Obligations of Leadership: The Khobar Towers' Bombing and its Aftermath
Dr. Eliot A. Cohen, Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies


Rotation from Hell: The 48th Infantry Brigade, Georgia Army National Guard in DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM
Dr. Eliot A. Cohen, Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies


The UN-NATO Coalition: Diplomatic and Military Interaction in Bosnia
Dr. Thomas A. Keaney, Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies
Mr. Scott F.C. Douglas, Columbia University

Simulations & Exercises


Carrier Requirements Exercise
Dr. Thomas Hone

This exercise explores the nature of technological tradeoffs, ways of coping with technological uncertainty, and the relationship between strategic, operational, and tactical requirements on the one hand, and design possibilities on the other.

The July 1965 Decision to Escalate
Dr. Thomas Keaney

This exercise explores the circumstances, options, and risks addressed in the U.S. decision to escalate dramatically the commitment of U.S. ground troops in Vietnam.


Choosing Sides in South Asia: The 1971 Crisis

Dr. Thomas Keaney and Hans Davies

This exercise explores the 1971 India-Pakistan War.

Film Guides


Movies offer vivid insight into the realities of combat, wartime leadership, and the nature of military subcultures. The Philip Merrill Center has developed film guides with teaching notes for the following movies. 

FG-01: Cast a Giant Shadow

FG-02: The Battle of Algiers

FG-03: Black Hawk Down

FG-04: The Bridge on the River Kwai

FG-05: Breaker Morant

FG-06: Captain Conan

FG-07: Bloody Sunday

FG-08: Hurt Locker

FG-09: Gallipoli

FG-10: Go Tell the Spartans

FG-11: Henry V

FG-12: Patton

FG-13: Fog of War

FG-14: The Terrorist

FG-15: The Cruel Sea

FG-17: Paths of Glory

FG-18: Thirteen Days

FG-19: Seven Samurai

FG-20: Tunes of Glory

FG-21: Twelve O'Clock High

FG-22: Waterloo

FG-23: Zulu

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