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Course Presentations

May 8 

Hal Brands: U.S. Interest in Asia

Tom Keaney: The U.S. Military Experience in the Pacific

Tom Mahnken: U.S. Strategy in Asia


May 9

Michael Auslin: Asia's Economic Geography

Nick Eberstadt: Asia's Demography

Toshi Yoshihara: Asia's Strategic Geography


May 10 

David Lampton: China's Leadership Dynamics

Toshi Yoshihara: China's Military Strategy

Toshi Yoshihara: Chinese Seapower


May 11

Kent Calder: "Japan's Changing Role in Asia" 

Toshi Yoshihara: "Sino-Japanese Rivalry at Sea"

Walter Andersen: "India's Role in Asia"

Karl Jackson: "Southeast Asia's Changing Dynamics"

Marvin Ott: "Resources and Territorial Disputes in Southeast Asia"


May 12

Tom Mahnken: "Long-Term Competition"

Tom Mahnken: "Military Innovation"

Jan van Tol: "Future Operational Concepts"


May 15 

Bryan Clark: "The Future of Electromagnetic Warfare"

Bryan Clark: "The Future of Undersea Warfare"

Mark Gunzinger: "Future Military Technologies: Salvo Competition"

Mark Gunzinger and Bryan Clark: "Recent Wargame Insights"

May 16

Julian Snelder: "Economic Trends in Asia"

Katherine Blakeley: "Understanding the Defense Budget"

CSBA: "Strategic Choices Exercise"

May 17

Charlie Stevenson: "Congress"

Eric Edelman: "The State Department and American Diplomacy"

John McLaughlin: "The Intelligence Community"