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Research Assistant

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Alia  Awadallah  is  a  Middle East analyst and second-year MA student at Johns Hopkins SAIS, where she concentrates in Strategic Studies. Prior to attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, Alia worked as research  associate  for  National  Security  and  International  Policy  at  American  Progress. In this role,  she  conducted research and authored reports on  security  and  counterterrorism  in  the  Middle  East. She previously  worked  on  the  Human  Rights  team  at  Vital  Voices  Global  Partnership and as a field organizer in Ohio during the Obama 2012 presidential campaign. Alia  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  political  science  with  a  concentration  in  Middle  East  Studies  from  Kent  State  University and is a native Arabic speaker.  


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